New to the hobby? If you are interested, or considering taking part, in this challenging hobby then come along to one of our flying days and see what goes on. Make yourself known to any of our members and you will be made welcome.

Our club can always be found (weather permitting – i.e. not raining heavily or wind not more than 20mph on the BBC forecasts) – on Saturdays at Kinnersley Manor Flying Field (see the Location page). When we are at the field, the gate is usually left open. If you find the entrance gate locked and can see cars parked in the field, give three short blasts on the horn and we will come to let you in.

Please Note: Currently, as of the date to the side of this page, we have room for new beginners and there is no waiting list. However, at times the club has to start a waiting list for beginners to ensure that there is adequate time available to train those we already have. By all means come along to a winter evening meeting (details on the Home page) or our flying field to introduce yourself, see if you like us and we will help you along. We will let you know if there is a waiting list and contact you as soon as some of our existing beginners become proficient.

There is no waiting list for experienced fliers (BMFA “A” certificate or equivalent). BMFA “B” certificate holders and instructors are very welcome!

The club financial year runs to the 30th September and the BMFA insurance runs to the 31st December.

Membership Fees

In addition to the Club yearly subscription fee, there is a one off joining fee; this to effectively ‘buy in’ to the clubs existing assets. This joining fee is £10 for Adults and free for Juniors.

Yearly subscriptions are shown below. Third party insurance and member to member cover is in the BMFA membership which is mandatory. Further, your aircraft will have to display your operator ID issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

For the year 2022 Yearly Total
Adult £25.00 Plus BMFA membership £40.00 £65.00
Junior to age 18 £10.00 Plus  BMFA membership £18.00 £28.00

See the BMFA Web Site for BMFA information and fee details. Further details or queries can be resolved by contacting our

Also, see the CAA website for information about Registering a drone or model aircraft | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

See the Privacy and the Club statement which explains what information we (EDMFC/the ‘Club’) holds, or will hold, about you and why we hold it.